• What I really want to do?

I really want every MCX trader to understand that MCX platform is not made to become Billionaire with 1-lakh capital. But it is the platform to earn good small amount to spend on daily expenses with small capital.So, please avoid taking huge lot size of your capacity in order to make big money in short time.

  • How much Do I charge for Software(CHART)?

You need to pay only  R6,000/- it will now be updated and gives an awesome performance in Positional Trading.It will be for the lifetime on your computer system till you format or reset your computer system.

  • How will I install the Software in your computer system?

Please install the “Team Viewer 12” and I will take you on remote PC and install the software within 1 hour.

Link for “Team Viewer 12” is given above with LOGO please click to install.