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I, Mohit Gupta personally believe that Chart study is very much important to trade in INTRADAY OR POSITIONAL session of MCX Market so I suggest all the beginner/older traders to Learn the basic of the Chart atleast for 2 weeks and trade with their money.To understand the Chart either you can Check YouTube videos else Whatsapp me for any help without any hesitation.

Meta Trader 4 Chart (GCI)

The most helpful and easy Chart to understand.It Consists of MACD and some trending charts which are useful to understand.

Amibroker Platform

Amibroker Platform is recommended only to the beginner because it is beginner friendly and easy to understand MCX

  • What is MCX Commodity?

MCX is known for Multi Commodity Exchange which is the best platform to make easy money with lots of patience and discipline. It consists of Base Metals, Energy, Bullion which requires variable margins for variable scripts.

  • Is it easy to trade in MCX Commodity?

It depends on your dedication and hard work to learn and it is completely your duty to make MCX easy for yourself.So, believe on your hard work and keep going and maintain the Discipline.

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  • What I really want to do?

I really want every MCX trader to understand that MCX platform is not made to become Billionaire with 1-lakh capital. But it is the platform to earn good small amount to spend on daily expenses with small capital.So, please avoid taking huge lot size of your capacity in order to make big money in short time.

  • How much Do I charge for Software(CHART)?

You need to pay only  R6,000/- it will now be updated and gives an awesome performance in Positional Trading.It will be for the lifetime on your computer system till you format or reset your computer system.

  • How will I install the Software in your computer system?

Please install the “Team Viewer 12” and I will take you on remote PC and install the software within 1 hour.

Link for “Team Viewer 12” is given above with LOGO please click to install.